Can a Love Calculator Help You Find True Luv?

Published: 31st July 2009
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Have you ever heard of a love calculator? No, it isn't a small device that you keep in your backpack; it is actually a really cool online utility that can help you determine whether or not your current partner is compatible with you. Sure, it might sound a little crazy, but it is actually a very fun way to give your love life a checkup. To use a love calculator, you simply enter you and your partner's full name and hit the button. You'll have your love reading within seconds!

A love calculator uses a very cool algorithm to cross reference your names and create a compatibility score. You can use this score to help you decide how successful your relationship will be. Although there isn't really an exact science to a love calculator, it is still really fun to play with. You can try variations of your names, such as shortened versions or nicknames and see what changes. You can also try ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to see if you missed an opportunity.

Better yet, why not guess at the name of your future soul mate? Enter your name and then keep guessing with new names in order to get the highest possible score. Once you figure it out, it simply becomes a matter of finding someone with that name, pretty cool!

Some example scenarios you could run into are:

• You are not compatible at all - the love calculator will give you a low percentage, such as 20-35%, but will give you some ideas on how you can improve your relationship. Use these tips to help improve your relationship and test again in the future to see how you fare.

• You are somewhat compatible - You could get a score between 35% and 70%, which means you have a chance, but need to work on some issues. This is good news because it means your relationship might have a chance. Use the free advice to better your success and test again down the road.

• You are highly compatible - If you get a high score on the love calculator, such as 80% or even 90%, you know you are a truly compatible couple. Of course there are always things to work on, but your relationship has a great chance of going the distance. What a relief it would be to know that you've found your soul mate!

Obviously, a love calculator can never replace the expertise of a relationship counselor, but it is definitely a fun way to test your fate. If nothing else, you can take the test with your partner at your side and have a good laugh together.

If you are adventurous, you can try as many names as you wish, but the key is to simply have fun and enjoy yourself. A love calculator won't predict the future, but it can give you some insight on typical relationship problems and how they can be avoided. Why not take it for a spin and see how you do?

Find your true love! Test your love compatibility with a love calculator or find out if you have love in your stars by checking out your love astrology.

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